• Nancy Michel

Breakfast is included!

When we were looking to buy our vacation home in the Dominican Republic, the most important component for us was to be part of a gated community that had stood the test of time, could manage our property and would offer us and our renters great amenities.

When we decided to build our villa with Casa Linda in 2016, it was in the new phase that was planning to have a new welcome center, restaurant, and water park. Now in 2019, we have a beautiful welcome center to great us and support us during our stay with the Castaway restaurant. The water park is under construction so stay tuned for more news on opening date!

All that to say that Casa Linda is putting allot of effort to become a great vacation destination and continues to offer owners and renters what they need to have the best stay. They recently revised the pricing on the villa and now breakfast is included in the price! Visit the villa’s pricing page for more details. This give flexibilities to renters to go down to Castaway restaurant and enjoy breakfast with the Casa Linda community!

And that really is the intent behind the amenities offered by Casa Linda, to create a sense of community where people feel good and want to comeback time and time again. Castaway restaurant has become the heart of the Casa Linda community with happy hour every day from 3h00 to 6h00, special events (check out the calendar) and specialty menus on specific days of the week. You can always cook your meals at the villa if you choose but it’s nice to have the option to go to Castaway and enjoy a special evening. Check out their menu here!

Francois and I are very happy to see how Casa Linda is growing and evolving. It’s not just about a house but the quality of life we have when we are at the villa. I have been at the villa by myself a few times and I am never worried as I know I can rely on the Casa Linda staff and community for support if I need to and I am never lonely; all I have to do is take a short walk down to Castaway to take part in the community’s activity!

Until next time!

Nancy and Francois

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