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Exploring 27 falls

There is so much to explore and to on the North Cost of the Dominican Republic. There are many national parks that offer many different landscapes and activities. One such place is Rio Damajagua where you will find the 27 waterfalls! There is a series of natural water falls that you can slide down from one to the other!

The 27 waterfalls have only recently discovered in recent year and tourists began arriving at the Falls in 1994. Nearly 50,000 tourists now come every year Rio Damajagua to enjoy these natural water slides. It’s best to go as part of a guided tour so you have the equipment and transport to the location.

This is a great day trip and you can organize it through Casa Linda’s travel planner at reception. They will pick you up directly at Casa Linda and first take you to visit a Cacao and cigar plantation where you will have lunch and do a bit of shopping.

Then on to the waterfalls! This will require some physical effort as you will need to hike a bit to get to the falls so make sure you have good water shoes. They will provide you with a protective helmet and life jacket. With all of that, you are ready to go!

Once you get to the waterfalls, you start sliding down the waterfall and land in a natural pool. You get out of the water and go to the next waterfall and pool until you make your way down. There are some waterfalls you can jump into if you are up for it! It’s really a cool experience and the water has a beautiful aqua blue shade and you are surrounded by lush trees and vegetation. Watch this short video!

This is a unique experience and will be enjoyed by the more adventurous which is why I am not in the pictures and you only see Francois and Claude Lamothe. While the guys where having an adventure at 27 falls, the girls where at the villa, having a glass of wine in the pool.

That’s the best part of being at the villa, everybody can spend their time as they wish either relaxing or be out and about!

Until next time!

Nancy and Francois

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