• Nancy Michel

Spend the day on a Catamaran

One of the best things when you are on vacation is doing activities that you don’t have the opportunity to do when you are home. A fun day excursion to do when at the villa is the Tip Top Catamaran snorkeling excursion. This is something you can do with the whole family!

There are full and half day excursions but the full day if the best because you have lunch on the boat and sail to different spots between Puerto Plata and Sosua to snorkel. A day on the water is just magical when the sun is shining and the sea has all the shades of aqua and blue. The staff on the Catamaran make sure everyone is taken care of and are enjoying themselves with animation, music and food.

Get on the boat early and sit in the Catamaran’s net to be front row and feel the sea breeze and get splash by the water; you are going to get wet anyways snorkeling so have fun with it! Enjoy the ride and the scenery as the boat is sailing to your first snorkeling spot in Sosua Bay.

Safety first, the crew will supply a life jacket as well as fins and a mask if you don’t have your own. Get girded up and go down into the water to see the beautiful fishes and corals. Staff are with you in the water and attract the fishes with bread so you are guaranteed to swim among fished. They will also take pictures of you and your group under the water that you can purchase; it makes a cool souvenir!

Back on the boat, it’s time for lunch with an open buffet and soft drinks. As you are sailing to your next snorkeling spot along the shore of Sosua, have a bit of fun dancing the merengue, chat with new friends or just chill and take in the moment.

At the end of the day, head back to the villa to enjoy a drink and relax by the pool. If you don’t feel like firing up the BBQ and cook, call Castaway restaurant for delivery and enjoy diner under the covered terrace.

To me that’s what a vacation is all about, doing fun activities you don’t usually do, spend time with your loved ones, meet new people and experience new places.

Until next time!

Nancy and Francois

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