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Spending time at the villa

This blog is special as I am writing this from the villa! People who are close to me know who much I enjoy spending time at the villa and when I leave, I am already planning our next trip back. I need to have a date to look forward to!

What started as an investment project quickly became a part of the vision for our life. The goal is to rent it of course but it is also for François and me to spend more time here and not only come for a few weeks vacations per year. I started to come down a week before our actual vacation and work remotely from the villa and I love it. This means I spend 2 our 3 weeks at a time now in the Dominican Republic instead of one week vacation.

This is important to me because I feel that I can really take a step back from day to day life when I am here and think about where we are, what is important to us in our live and what we want to create and experience.

There is a “space” here that I don’t find back home in Canada. I do the same yoga and meditation practice here that I do back home, but here, I do it outside by the pool, I hear the birds, the wind ruffling through the palm trees. It’s like time slows down here and I live by the rhythm of the day instead of rushing from one meeting to another.

And that’s when you have space to think, to hear that small, still voice inside of you and connect to who you are and have more clarity around what you want and what dreams you have for your life. Vacation is not only to have fun and do activities you don’t usually do, it’s also a time to reconnect to yourself.

Spending this week by myself at the villa has given me that space to reflect and connect to myself. Now my husband would tell you that is dangerous because it’s in those moment that I come up with the next project for us!

For me and Francois, the villa is the perfect place for fun and for connection and that why we love sharing it with you!

Until next time!

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