• Nancy Michel

Unplug and recharge at the villa

When we are at the villa, we have many opportunities to do different activities, go out, try out restaurants etc. But the best thing about being at the villa is to be able to unplug from our day to day life and recharge by living the “Tranquillo” lifestyle. What does that mean? It means living at your own pace instead of being driven by meetings, calls, kids’ events and all the obligations we have in our life!

In our busy world we need to be able to take time out and live at a more natural pace by tuning in to our body and actually take the time to ask ourselves: what do I need? Is it more rest? Nourishing food? Reconnecting with the people we love? Reconnecting with ourselves? For Francois and I, being at the villa offers that environment of peace and tranquility to be able to do just that. It’s a complete change of scenery full of beautiful flowers, palm trees and humming birds that all come together to create that tranquil space for us.

It’s funny how time slows down when we are at the villa. We can spend the day staying in to read, swim and sleep and before you know it, the day flew by and you wonder how it’s time for supper already!!! We often play card games in the evening which, funny enough, we only do at the villa! It’s another way to connect with each other, laugh and have fun. It something so simple but it’s often the simple things that have the most impact.

It’s the same when we spend the day at the beach. Just relaxing in a beach chair, listening to the sound of the wave, watching the boats in the bay come and go while sipping a cold drink. Doesn’t get better than that to unplug and recharge!

One of our favorite things to do is have dinner on the beach. Cabarete beach as a long stretch of restaurant right on the beach and you can choose from many different types of foods. There is nothing better then to watch the sunset as the last kite surfers come out of the water.

You can have an action pack vacation when you are at the villa with snorkeling, catamaran outing and day trips, but I encourage you to make your next vacation a “Tranquillo” one and savor the moments and memories you crate with the people you love.

Until next time!

Nancy and Francois

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